Fairy Garden Style

Fairie Garden Style

Fairie garden style. No matter what manner of home you live in, you can create a fairie garden to compliment the architecture or overall feel....

Christmas Fairy Garden

Holidays in Fairyland

With Thanksgiving looming, it’s time for the Holidays in Fairyland!  Whether or not there’s a chill in the air where you live, a...

Fairy stories

Fairy Stories

  Take your miniature garden to the next level by having it tell Fairy Stories.  So often, tiny landscapes are filled with loads of...

Blooming Fairy Tree

Blooming Fairy Trees

It’s spring,  and blooming fairy trees are bursting forth in the miniature gardens!  The majority of trees used in ‘fairy-scaping’ are evergreens such...

Fairy Gardening book

Fairy Gardening Book

It’s Here!!! Signed copies of our Fairy Gardening book are in stock and ready to help you create the miniature garden of your...

Fairy love

Fairy Love is in the Air

February is just around the corner and that means Fairy love is in the air!  With Valentine’s Day looming, it’s time to set...

Fairy kingdom

Fairy Kingdom in the pink!

  This fairy garden is pretty in pink I love to pick a main color and repeat it throughout the garden. It’s quite...

Faerie World

It’s a small faerie world

It’s a faerie world after all… Remember, there are faeries in all parts of the world. A beautiful miniature pine (pica gnome) shown...

Fairy farewell to winter

A fairy farewell

This fairy bids farewell before winter The little fairy here gets ready to bid farewell to her little friend, as she is not...

Fairy Halloween

Halloween fairy gardens

Easy to make Halloween fairy gardens Finally a little relief for the fairy gardeners here. We were starting to think fall would never...

Fairy gnomes and mushrooms

Mushrooms for fairies and elves

  Fairies and elves love mushrooms! Mushrooms are popping up everywhere. There’s a difference between clichéd and classic. While using mushrooms in your...

Fairy succulents

Teeny, tiny fairy succulents

  Someone say fairy succulents? Sometimes the answer to a problem is so simple you feel like hitting yourself in the forehead and...

Fairy balloons

Balloons in Fairyland!

How did balloons get in Fairyland? People are always asking, “How do you keep coming up with so many new ideas?” Well, sometimes...

Are fairies real

Are fairies real?

Fairies are certainly real! Elizabethan England thought so. The following recipe (from Jeanne Rose’s Herbs & Things) dates back to the year 1600....