Tea party disaster in Fairyland

Fairy tea party


Tea party makes breaking news!

Uh-oh, mayhem in Fairyland! All the fairies at this party are a flutter over their tea party catastrophe! Who can resist inviting these adorable little white bunnies to a tea party? Unfortunately for the fairies, the second they turned their backs, the bunnies started taking over! But who can get mad at these tiny fuzzy creatures?

Fairy tea party

Fortunately, the fairies are known for their wonderful sense of humor and they are used to being bombarded by clumsy gnomes every once in a while. After the fairies settled down they realized there was no harm done. They all couldn’t help but to sit laugh. The fairies all looked at the mess and thought to themselves, “at least the bunnies didn’t get into the cake”!

Occasionally, I feel the need to build a garden that showcases some of life’s lovely imperfections, which are always funny when they happen to someone else. I know we can definitely relate. Even Fairyland, the enchanted paradise isn’t perfect, with its random mishaps.

This bunny-invaded tea party is a tip-of-the-hat to anyone whose pet has ever done something naughty.

Lesson: Next tea party, don’t take your eyes off the bunnies!