Holidays in Fairyland

Christmas Fairy Garden

Christmas Fairy GardenWith Thanksgiving looming, it’s time for the Holidays in Fairyland!  Whether or not there’s a chill in the air where you live, a touch of faux frost will set the scene for a winter tabeleaux.  Some white rock nestled under trees, along the edges or walkways will give the illusion of a dusting of snow.

Before blanketing an area with the white rock, spread a thick under layer of pea gravel (or something comparable). This will act as a barrier between the soil in your container and the white rock. Now when you water, the small bits of dirt that float to the surface will be trapped in the gravel and that helps to keep your ‘snow’ clean and bright.

With so many adorable accessories to choose from it’s hard to pick a favorite – but this truly sweet cottage comes close. Like many of the manufactured fairy homes these days, it’s a bit small for the 1:12 scale we like to work in. Never fear! You can still make it fit in by using a little trick called ‘forced perspective’. Put smaller items towards the back (like our cottage and peppermint bistro set) and larger things to the front (the Elf Fairy, birdhouse and sign). This gives the impression that the candyland cottage is off in the distance rather than looking too small – as it would if the fairy were sitting right next to it. This way you can use accessories of different scales and sizes in the same garden and still have it look fabulous!

A sweet house and a touch of snow, what better way to start the holidays in Fairyland?