Halloween fairy gardens

Fairy Halloween

Easy to make Halloween fairy gardens

Finally a little relief for the fairy gardeners here. We were starting to think fall would never come. After a blazing hot summer, it’s finally starting to cool off around here! The mornings are crisp and everyone is decorating for Halloween, even the fairies.

Creating a Halloween fairy garden is easier than you think. Some of the items you might even have already on hand. Just take a look at the one I’ve created here.

Fairy Halloween

This scene uses all the classic elements of a Haunted House theme, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and a row of teensy tombstones. I draped Spanish moss through the scrolled edges of the planter to give an eerie effect. Don’t be afraid, this is the time to get creative! If you live where the moss grows wild, gather a hand full for a bit of free decor. Otherwise, garden nurseries or craft stores sell the dried version in small bags and it will look just as convincing.

Remember to look for this fairy garden when it’s featured in the Holiday Chapter of our book, Fairy Gardening, coming out this March! You can pre-order it my following the link on the home page.

Happy Halloween everyone!