Fairy Stories

Fairy stories


Fairy storiesTake your miniature garden to the next level by having it tell Fairy Stories.  So often, tiny landscapes are filled with loads of teensy accessories, but are still lacking something. Everything seems to be there – liliputian plants, tiny houses, a fairy or two. And yet it appears strangely flat.  As if it’s missing that sparkle that a fairy habitat should have. If this has ever happened to you, chances are that you just needed your little landscape to tell a tale.

When creating your fairy garden, take a moment and consider who  is going to live there. Your fairy of course, but who else? The interaction between your figurine and the other denizens of your fairyland is what creates the storyline.

In this picture, our little Xmas Tree Fairy is captured in a vivid scene featuring Mama Goose and two of her goslings. A perfectly lovely story could be shown by having her watch as the three sweet geese amble down the pathway. But add a bit of fun conflict and the story has lots more impact. Here, one baby dove head first into the watering can – to the amusement of all. An adorable fairy story that will bring a smile to everyone who stops to look!


                                    Spring Night Magic


Fairies in the tree,

Fairies in their bowers,

Fairies in the garden,

waking up the flowers.

Fairies on the moonbeams,

Sliding through the air,

Fairies in the blue sky,

Fairies everywhere.

Fairies in the nothern lights,

Lighting up the sky,

Fairies in the crescent moon,

‘Way up high.

Fairies in the water,

Fairies in the air,

Fairies in the raindrops,

Fairies everywhere.

-From Story – Telling Poems- 1923