Fairy Berries that look like Apples!

Fairy berries

fairy berries

Apples or berries?

In Fairyland an apple a day keeps the trolls away, so including a small tree shaped plant that seems to be bearing fruit is just what the doctor ordered! In an in-ground garden installation they can be planted in rows to resemble orchards, or grouped behind some fencing for a suburban backyard scene.  But even in a small container one lone tree can conjure images of an apple picking expedition. Miniature trees have been delighting people for centuries, from bonsai enthusiasts to visitors to the Magic Kingdom.

Well, talk about coming full circle! We have a large (7′ x9′) planter at the nursery, so 10 years ago I planted a fairy garden in it. People who came in would comment “Oh, I just love it – it reminds me of the Storybook ride at Disneyland where the boats take you through the fairytale scenes! ” I always treasured those compliments as that was a favorite attraction of mine as a child.  Not long ago some of Disney’s marvelous mini-scapers came to us and bought some plants for that very same ride. One of the focal “trees” they purchased was a variety of cotoneaster which produces reddish berries from Fall through Spring that look exactly like dimintive apples.