Are fairies real?

Are fairies real

Fairies are certainly real!

Elizabethan England thought so. The following recipe (from Jeanne Rose’s Herbs & Things) dates back to the year 1600.

To enable one to see the fairies, take 1 pint of virgin olive oil and wash it with rose water and marigold water until it is white. The roses and the marigolds are to be gathered towards the east and the water thereof to be made of pure spring water. Put the washed oil into a vial glass and add hollyhock buds, marigold flowers, wild thyme tops and flowers, young hazel buds, and the grass of a fairy throne.* The thyme must be gathered near the side of a hill where fairies used to be. Set the glass in the sun for three days so the ingredients can become incorporated. Then put it away for use.

A fairy throne is the dark-green grassy area inside a circle of mushrooms growing on a lawn.*

Are fairies real

See fairys by creating your own Fairy Garden

Of course, an even easier way to see Fairys is by creating your own Fairy Garden! Twelve years ago I discovered a time machine. In one afternoon it can transport me back and I become 6 years old again. Remember being 6? Remember summer vacation days when you could pretend to be whatever you wanted? A princess or pioneer woman, movie star or nurse. Maybe you’d be a world famous baton-twirling roller skater performing astonishing figure eights in your neighbor’s driveway. Each morning awoke bright with possibility; every evening yawned to a close after a day filled with fun.

And then we all grow up. And get jobs. Get married. Have kids. Have careers. Have both. And forget how to play. Really play—not just sitting in front of a screen filled with computer-generated outcomes.

Be a kid again by making a Fairy Garden

Making a Fairy Garden gives you back that sense of wonder. They make the worries of the world go away. It’s just you and your own perfect place. What’s not to like?

Those of you who have already made Fairy Gardens know what I mean. For anyone just thinking about making one, welcome! Welcome to the world’s most wonderfully addicting hobby. And welcome to feeling like a child who can do or be anything you want.