A fairy farewell

Fairy farewell to winter

This fairy bids farewell before winter

The little fairy here gets ready to bid farewell to her little friend, as she is not fond of the cold winter months. Every year she and the rest of the fairies say goodbye to their small animal friends as they escape just before winter arrives.
With the days getting shorter, we’re starting to see flocks of birds winging their way south. That was the inspiration for this tableaux, a final farewell before winter. The bassett’s sad expression shows how much he’ll miss his little fairy friend! But not to worry, as she will return, and they will play together once again in the beautiful meadows of Fairyland.
Try creating a unique display using different animals with your fairies. Adding animals to your fairy garden and having them interact makes every scene more interesting.

The Problem Solved

Pray, where are the delicate maidenhair ferns,

That waved in the summer breeze?

Why, the fairies have taken them everyone,

to plant in their gardens, like trees.

And where have the tinted bluebells gone,

That silently bloomed in the woods?

Why, the fairies have taken them everyone,

And slipped them on for hoods.

Elizabeth F. Oct. 1923