15 great fairy garden ideas

Easy fairy garden ideas you can use

So you’ve bought all the fairy figurines and miniature accessories you can afford. Now what, you wonder? What to put where, when is too much, too confusing, how can you build a unique fairy garden?

Book author and founder of fairy gardening, Beverly Turner, offers hundreds of ideas in her book, “Fairy Gardening”. You can find out about design ideas, growing miniature plants and caring for miniature gardens in the pages.

At Fairy Garden Expert, she shares 15 great¬†fairy garden ideas to help inspire your next fairy garden. Because…you know, one fairy garden is never enough.

1. Miniature Fairy Garden Plants:

Never stop thinking about how many miniature plants there really are. Tiny mints, baby tears and English daisies were used in this fresh spring fairy garden.

2. Try a fairy garden at night:

If you work long hours and rarely arrive at home before dark, celebrate fairies at night with a lighted tree and relaxing patio scene.


3. Think enchanted garden:

Fluffy pink fairies work for some gardeners. But an enchanted garden set in moss, with a trickling creek and juniper arbor are lots of fun to look at and play with.


4. Miniature fairy gardens get even smaller:

Gardening in a teacup? It’s a perfect size for fairies and a few plants. Even the smallest spaces can accommodate a couple of well-placed fairy accessories, too.


5. Great idea– create miniature magic:

It doesn’t take a lot of accessories to crete a miniature magical garden. A bed of baby tears, a hobbit-like fairy house, mushrooms and fairy friends.


6. Add miniature garden animals:

Fairies love their pets, too. Adding a woodland animal or miniature fairy pet tells more of your fairy garden story.


7. Create an enchanted garden:

When we think of enchanted gardens we think of mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms! Keep your color scheme simple in small arrangements.


8. Add a miniature fairy bench:

This sweet pink fairy wouldn’t look nearly as comfortable without a miniature fairy bench to rest on. You only need one in a small potted garden.


9. Great fairy garden idea: add a path:

This simple idea creates a focal point. The path lead directly to the fairy under a miniature arch.


10. Tell a fairy garden story:

What is happening in this fairy garden? Is she outside a church. A tiny fairy house? Is she talking to her frog friend? Fairy gardens tell a story. Consider yours before you build.


11. Pick a color scheme:

In very small fairy gardens, sometimes less is more. A simple mound of moss, and yellow fairy accessories are all that are needed to have some fun.


12. Fairy garden idea: Think gifts!

It only takes a teapot or teacup to create a miniature fairy garden gift for a friend.


13. Choose a fairy garden style:

Woodland. Traditional. Cottage. Farm. Magical. Enchanted. Exotic. There are as many fairy garden styles as their are larger landscapes.


14. Fairy furniture:

Oh, so you thought we meant miniature fairy garden furniture. There’s that. But there is also planting a fairy garden in larger furniture pieces.


15. Our favorite fairy garden idea:

Make a cake! We made this cake for Beverly’s book launch party.