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  • SecretGarden
  • SecretGarden
SecretGarden SecretGarden

Colorful secret garden signs

Shhh! Only the fairies know about the secret garden

Only you and the fairies will know the exact location of your secret garden when you plant one of our handcrafted secret garden signs in your miniature fairy setting.

Since it’s secret, be sure to tuck your sign slightly behind a bush, or down and around the garden path so it is discovered, not at first, but only after exploring the garden. It’s always fun to have your own secret place to visit.

A pinch of pixie dust will help the fairies find their way.

Perhaps they’ll find a secret garden pond, a bench, a miniature garden creature, or some other wonderful surprise. One tucked behind an arbor invites fairies and their friends to explore your delightful fairy sanctuary.

Holding a tea party in your secret fairy garden? Place a cheery sign near your table setting so the fairies will know which way to go.

Add a splash of color to your fairy garden with one of these tiny gems. This little sign will add definition to your garden and direct any passers by.

Choose: Pink, blue, yellow – Each sign sold separately

Design idea: Place a secret garden sign that leads to a sunken garden space