Add a Fairy Companion to your garden

fairy companion

Try including a fairy companion

fairy companionNo matter what style of garden you’re making, adding just one fairy is never enough. After all, fairies delight in company and sitting by themselves is simply too lonely. Another Fairy friend is always a welcome addition, or consider introducing a sweet little pet to enjoy the garden with her. In this scene, a doe eyed cocker spaniel shares the sunshine with our dreamy little girl who seems to have her thoughts in the clouds. It’s the perfect depiction of a lazy afternoon spent with a four legged family member.

For this garden I paired the cool gray and white tones of the accessories with the pops of white flowers in my plantings, white star creeper, or isotoma, is a foolproof groundcover for a sunny area and rewards you with masses of teeny blooms almost year round in warmer climates. The lucsious double blossoms of serissa japonica give the impression of a gardenia or old fashioned rose. Here I took a 3 inch cutting off a more mature plant and put it in a starter soil medium (using a rooting hormone powder to ensure success) then kept it consistently moist. In a few weeks there were enough hairlike roots to transfer it into the tiny (pre-drilled) gray pot pictured here. I was careful to place the pot not on the stone patio, but on the groundcover so the roots can eventually grow through the small hole and anchor into the garden itself. Until they do, you need to water the little pot itself daily to keep the cutting from drying out. A little bit of effort  –  is so worth it.