Walking in a Winter Fairyland

For those of us living in warmer climates, a winter wonderland may be many hours away.  With the price of gas these days, some of us have to be content with lingering over beautiful pictures and just imagining ourselves bundled up and enjoying the frosty air.  However, with a little help from our faierie friends, we can make a seasonal garden that will enchant us all winter long!  This winter fairyland won’t require long drives.  Just step out to the porch and admire the reflected fairy images in a frozen pond made out of a mirror.

For this garden I chose plants that have hints of blue and white like the taller chamaecyparis lawsonia ‘Snow White’ and ‘Barry’s Silver’.  The low growing dymondia is blue-gray with edges of white and the larger leafed hypoestes ‘white splash’ looks as if a dusting of snow just coated them.  Staying in this color palette and then accenting with white accessories keeps a cool and serene look to the landscape.  Small white rock mounded in drifts around the pond and plants gives the illusion of a snowy tableaux.

A small mirror works beautifully for the pond.  This one was already coated with a sealant on the back and was ready to add to the garden.  If you are using a mirror fragment, spray the backside with a few coats of clear polyurethane to protect it from the water.  Add a couple of ice skating bunnies and our lovely ‘Xmas Tree’ fairy and your wonderland is complete.