Lights, Cameras, Fairies in Action

Fairy wishing well


Fairies are great little actors!

Fairy wishing well

If you have a great piece with moveable parts like this wishing well, choose a fairy that looks like she’s interacting with it. This little girl seems to have just finished cranking the handle to pull up the bucket of water for her horse.


The Flight of the Fairies

There’s a rustle in the woodlands

And a sighing in the breeze

For the little folk are busy

In the bushes and the trees.

They are packing up their treasures

Ev’ry one with nimble hand

Ready for the coming  journey

Back to sunny Fairyland.

They packed away the birdies’ songs

Then, lestwe should be sad

They left the Robin’s carol out

To make the winter glad.

-early 1900’s-