It’s a small faerie world

Faerie World

It’s a faerie world after all…

Remember, there are faeries in all parts of the world. A beautiful miniature pine (pica gnome) shown in the foreground was just begging for the serenity of an Asian inspired garden. Clean lined accessories like the tapered pot and pagoda ‘statue’ work well with the natural beauty of the stones. Try nestling moss in-between the rocks to compliment their colors, like we did here.

Faerie World

The cute little faerie girl and her tiny faithful companion curiously explore the regions of this peaceful garden.  They anxiously await the many adventures they will have while in this newly created miniature wonderland. Everyone knows the incredible bond between a girl and her best friend as the little furry pup will never leave her side.

Looking at this lovely simple garden, I can’t help but to think about the bonsai gardens that have been so much of an inspiration to fairy gardens. It just goes to show that you never know where inspiration might come from.