Fairies celebrate the 4th of July

Fairies celebrate 4th of July

Fairies celebrate 4th of JulyFairies celebrate the 4th of July with a burst of red, white and blue!  Some holidays are closely tied to certain colors. Think of Christmas and red and green instantly pop into mind.  Or, who can ignore orange and black when decorating for Halloween? Our Independence Day is a fine time to proudly display the colors of our flag. Let your fairy garden take on a bit of patriotic pride by using accessories in an all American color palette. A few coats of craft paint can transfor anything to fit into your theme.  An inexpensive wood birdhouse is a perfect starting point for this garden. Already primed with white paint, 3 coats of red for the roof and door, plus 3 of blue for the walls takes this rustic piece to another level. Spray with a few coats of clear polyurethane to protect it. Or, leave off the varnish and re-paint the walls green to transform it into a Christmas cottage later in the year!

The little “birdhouse” on a stake behind the picnic table originally had a green roof.  Using the same blue that we have on the cottage ties the pieces together nicely.  And come December, it will go back to green so it will match the new holiday scheme.

Until then, ooh and ahh the fireworks with the fairies – and celebrate the 4th!